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Obibi is manufacturer of high quality Chinese Ming-style furniture. We are supply restoration, custom service for customers. Each of product has selected a first-class works of quality mahogany materials, the succession of traditional Chinese furniture cleverly, accurate, forward-mao structure and superb carving skills through each one of the entries, repeatedly polished, refined devote themselves fully to retain Technology and traditional Chinese style. So far, EdeRun classical furniture products have been sold to over 20 countries and regions.

Through the production of materials for special drying, The products can be different in climate and environment will not use a dry, slit;
The Ming and Qing furniture of EdeRun using traditional mortise-and-tenon Mao structure, Has a strong practical value and highly collection value.

EdeRun International Sale Department for you to provide one-stop services for classical furniture exports and imports;
EdeRun possession of a professional classical furniture designers, free for your measurement design;
We provide a full range of the Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties antique furniture can be customized according to your requirements;

Easy to Build order:
You visit for online ordering directly, or upload your favorite models and drawings for customized, and you can order online at any time to follow up the status of your order and processes.
For some of the styles if you are not satisfied with the size of the display, You can be specified your favorite size when ordering, or Email to us after order.

We have a large number of perennial: the Burma Mahogany, Blackwood, Red sandalwood, Burma Padauk, Scented rosewood, the African rosewood, Vietnam rosewood, ebony, ect. Redwood customized materials for customers choose.

Product lines:
Chinese Antique furniture, Chinese antique doors and windows, Ming-style furniture, Antique desk, Antique chair, Antique table, Antique stand, Antique dining table, Antique bed, Antique cabinet, Antique stool, Round-Backed armchair, Official hat armchair, Lamp-hanger chair, Side chair, Rose chair, Antique armchair, Antique Fauteuils, Folding armchair, Reclining chair, Easy chair, Painting table, Square table, Round table, Altar table, Square stand, Tea table, Flower stands, Kang table, Plant stand, Canopy bed, Luohan bed, Daybed set, Antique wardrobe, Clothes racks, Dressing table, Antique bookcase, Display cabinet, Round-corner cabinet, Foot stool, Square-corner cabinet, Two-Drawer coffer, Classic case, Floding screen, Hanging screen, Stationary screen, Recessed-Leg Tables With Everted Flanges on the top, Recessed-Leg Tables With Straight Ends, Recessed-Leg Tables With Scroll Termination on the top, Buddha chest, Medicine chest, Light rack.

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